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Moved house? Don’t blame the postie


So you’re a licensed SA builder, plumber, electrician, security guard or real estate agent and recently moved house? Have you let Consumer and Business Services (CBS) know? Let’s hope you did!

If not, it’s a common issue that’s expensive to rectify. Believe me, I’ve dealt with this scenario well over a thousand times.


What’s the penalty?

Let’s say you’re a South Australian builder (supervisor and contractor) and you remember to change your postal address for every other government body other than CBS. Then one day you’re subcontracting and the company you’re working for asks for your licence which to your surprise is out of date. What’s the consequences? Here’s a few:

  • You’ll have to stop work immediately;
  • The licence won’t be reinstated if you simply forgot to change your address – meaning a reapplication with additional fees;
  • These application fees will range from $185 – $609 not including the yearly registration; and
  • The licence won’t be granted immediately so there’s guaranteed downtime.

These consequences are pretty serious for your business and this is no exaggeration. Plus, this is not limited to builders. This applies to all trades regulated by CBS.


What’s the next step?

Based on experience, I believe this is the best way to approach it:

  • Find your licence card or if you operate a company, the licence certificate;
  • Check the cancellation date and if it’s out of date more than a month, call CBS on 131 882 or send an email;
  • Reference this gov.au sheet for any future address changes; and
  • If you need to re-apply for your builders, plumbers, electricians, security guard or real estate licence, call or email me first and I’ll explain the quickest and simplest process.


Final thought

SA Trade Licensing is here to take the pressure off your business. If the above scenario happens to your trade business, here’s what we’ll do:


  • Complete and submit all government paperwork on your behalf;
  • Guarantee an error free process to speed up your licence approval;
  • Suggest processes that will avoid these scenarios in the future which’ll safeguard your business; and
  • Visit CBS on your behalf to finalise all outstanding paperwork at a fixed price.


Be sure to contact SA Trade Licensing and our details are listed at this link.