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New advertising requirements for SA Contractor License holders

SA Electrical, Plumbing and Gas Fitting Contractors

The rules have changed – commencing 21 November 2015

If you hold a SA plumbing, gas fitting or electrical contractors licence (sole trader, partnership or company), now you’re required to include your contractor licence number within any advertising material. If you were already doing this before, pat yourself on the back because it’s a great look when contracting with consumers. If you weren’t, get on board and prove to consumers you’re licensed by advertising your PGE licence number on your van, quotes or website. You’re paying renewal fees each year to keep you covered so you may as well!

What’s different?

Quite a lot actually! From 21 November 2015 it’s now a legal requirement to display your PGE contractor licence on any advertising material shown to consumers.

– If you’re only advertising to subcontractors you don’t need to.

– If you’re advertising to hire workers you don’t need to.

You might have heard in the industry this was always the case but this rule only applied to SA builders from 1995 onwards, not plumbers, gas fitters or electricians.

Consistency between SA Builders, Electricians, Plumbers & Gas Fitters

Effective 21 November 2015, all trades will now have similar advertising requirements. It’s great for consistency and especially if you hold a PGE and BLD licence which is now becoming very common in SA.

Review your advertising material

Now’s the perfect time to review your website, van, quoting documents or software to know your current PGE contractor licence is listed. Once updated it proves to consumers you’re licensed and covered to do the job.

Final Thought

Advertising your PGE licence is a simple process. If you’ve got control over your website or invoicing software you can amend it within minutes. While you make these changes you need to watch out for services you’re advertising for that are outside the scope of your contractor and workers/supervisors licence.

SA Trade Licensing will always be here to answer your queries regarding all of the above. Make sure you keep up to date with all licensing changes and visit the SA Trade Licensing page, tradelicencesa.com.au or facebook.com/satradelicensing.