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Frequently Asked Questions Teaser – Page coming soon!

SA Trade Licensing will be adding an FAQ page soon that will be updated regularly. If you have any questions, post them below or email them through and we can add it to the list – plus provide the answer!

For ease of reference, SA Trade Licensing will separate each licensing industry.

So let’s get things started! Here’s a few examples…


Builders Licensing for SA

1) What is a building supervisor?

A building supervisor is responsible for ensuring that all building work in South Australia is performed properly and meets building standards.

2) Who is a building contractor?

If you carry on the business of performing building work for others, not the physical work, then you are known as a building contractor – you must apply for a licence.


Electrical Licensing for SA

1) How long does my licence last for?

In South Australia, if you work as an employee for wages, your registration lasts for 3 years. This can’t be extended unfortunately as it’s legislated this way.

2) I have an apprentice, does he/she need a licence?

Yes. If they perform any electrical work they’ll need to hold an apprenticeship licence.


Plumbing & Gas Licensing for SA

1) Can I sign off work if I’m under technical direction?

No. You must complete the Certificate IV in Plumbing and be approved by CBS before you can.

2) I want to do bathroom renovations, does my SA plumbing licence cover me?

No. You will need an SA restricted builders licence in addition to your plumbing licence.


Security Licensing for SA

1) How long does it take to get my SA security licence?

Good question! It ranges from 8-12 weeks depending on your Personal Information Declaration and if you completed the paperwork without error.

2) If I have old qualifications, will this be ok for security licensing in SA?

No. During mid 2014 qualification pathways were harmonised meaning the old pathways were scrapped. You will now be required to meet current requirements.


Real Estate Licensing for SA

1) I hold a trainee land sales representative licence, can I perform opens?

Yes – but you must be appropriately supervised whilst performing opens. This means there must be a licensed sales representative on-site.

2) I have a few old convictions on my police clearance, will this affect my application?

Yes and no. It’s dependent on the nature of the conviction, when it occurred, frequency etc.