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Photographic Identification – Age with wisdom


When was the last time you checked your licence?



So you’re a builder, electrician, plumber & gas fitter, security guard or real estate agent working in South Australia? If so, nestled in your wallet (or purse) or maybe even your glovebox sits your licensing card issued by Consumer and Business Services (CBS). It’s an important piece of identification. Even if you don’t use or display it weekly, I can guarantee at some point a consumer will ask for it and it’ll be the difference between turning this consumer into a client or a missed opportunity.



So we’re all getting older and what better way to be reminded than Government issued photographic identification. For the purpose of this article, track down your trade licensing card issued by CBS right now and have a look at your photo. Do you look the same? Or do you have more wrinkles, weight, greys or frustratingly less hair? If you answered yes to the above, there’s a good chance your photo is almost out of date. This can cause you administrative problems.

It’s a legal requirement to have your photograph taken every 10 years if you’re a builder, electrician, plumber & gas fitter, security guard or real estate agent in South Australia.

If you choose to do nothing and ignore the signs, your licence will be cancelled. Simple.



Don’t stress too much because CBS will send you a notification stating your photo needs to be taken. However, during my time within the licensing department I dealt with hundreds of cancelled licenses or penalty fees relating to photographs over the years because nobody reads their trade licence renewal paperwork!

So what’s the best way to remember?

  • Read your licence renewal paperwork – don’t assume anything!
  • Have your photo taken the same time your driver’s licence is due for consistency
  • Leave this to SA Trade Licensing – I guarantee I’ll never forget!


LICENSING FACT: A photograph is part of your renewal, if you ignore it, a hefty penalty will be applied and if you still don’t act, your trade licence will be cancelled and you’ll have to reapply…from scratch.



Don’t have time to worry about your personal and/or company licence renewals? SA Trade Licensing will manage your entire personal & company renewal process (including a compliance check) to guarantee your licence won’t be penalised or cancelled due to an administrative error.

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