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SA Licensed Builder Gets Nabbed

Recently Consumer and Business Services put out a media release about a SA licensed builder performing work outside the scope of his licence conditions.

In this instance he was advertising bathroom, ensuite, laundry and kitchen renovations. Legally, the builders’ license didn’t cover this.

This raises a few points for SA licensed builders and/or plumbers:

  • Be careful what you’re advertising online and make sure it’s within the scope of your license conditions
  • Make sure you display your builders licence number at all times because it’s a legal obligation
  • SA plumbers, gas fitters and electricians don’t need to display their licence number but it’s good practice from a consumer point of view
  • Upgrading your licence shouldn’t be an afterthought – don’t wait till you’re exposed to the public!

SA Trade Licensing can take care of this process start to finish and make sure your SA builders’ license covers you legally so you’re not a risk. Also, we’ll give you helpful advice about how to display your trade licence so the general public are better informed.

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